model c25s

Very easy to use and maintain

Ideal for lab tests, prototypes, and small runs

Perfectly suited for treating wafers up
to 150 mm in diameter

Automatic and optimised processing of C, N, D, AF4, VT4 type parylenes

Possibility of installing it in a cleanroom

Available options: controlled chamber temperature, plasma activation, silane pre-treatment etc...

Overall dimensions:
L x W x H 1600 x 1100 x 1750 mm
Chamber: ∅ 250 x H 270 mm Tooling: ∅ 220 x H 235 mm Voltage: 400 VAC 3 ph + N + PE 50Hz Frequency / power: 50 Hz / 3,5 kW Dimer load capacity: 30 g Pumping volume: 25 m3/h Weight: 200 kg
C25S comelec