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Parylene coatings are used in several applications, with specific properties that are much sought-after and valuable in function of each industry sector


Parylene coating is used in high-tech and high-added value electronics that are found in many industries: healthcare, aeronautics, transportation (automotive, truck, train), energy, communication, marine etc.

Its perfect conformality to even the most complex-shaped components makes it a perfect protective coating with complementary key advantages such as:


Parylene coatings are used in medical technologies belonging to any risk classification. From standard material components, instrumentation to active implantable medical
devices. The desirable characteristics are :

Aeronautics and space

Parylene coating is often employed in aeronautics and space applications thanks to reliable and long-lasting properties in harsh environments and due to:


Microtechnology is a wide category including many different type small mechanical parts made of various materials and where Parylene is used for many purposes such as:


In different areas such as food, cosmetic and pharmacology, standard packaging needs to be improved using parylene coating. The main requested properties are:


Complex and state-of-the-art nanotechnology applications are investigated in research centers and R&D department of large companies, where Parylene can be required for: