Your partner for innovative Parylene-based coatings and encapsulation solutions


Established since 1979 in Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds, at the heart of the demanding microtechnology industry, Comelec SA has developed its expertise within an environment of innovation, precision and quality.

Comelec SA is focused on the development and use of Parylene-based coatings and provides its customers with a full range of solutions; coating services, equipment manufacturing, including technology transfer of dedicated customer processes and integration of personalized equipment within specific environments.

Due to its excellent properties, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) coatings made from Parylene are typically used as encapsulation and packaging solutions for highly technical components. These latter are widespread in medical, aeronautic, electronics and microtechnics applications.

Building on its vast experience, innovative spirit and partnerships with renown research institutes, Comelec SA now provides new possibilities in these ambitious markets: the deposition of Parylene/inorganic multilayers.

Coatings with exceptional barrier properties can be performed in a single hybrid equipment and is available for researchers and industrial applications.

As a family owned company, Comelec SA has always prioritized a high responsiveness and flexibility, while taking time to listen to customer needs and to put all our know-how at their service.


In 1979 Mr. Eric Zutter created Comelec SA as a family business, first incorporated as a subcontractor for electrical assembly and cabinet wiring for well-known Swiss and English companies.

In the early 1980’s, the Parylene coating service is integrated within Comelec SA, mainly to support the quartz watch industry. Comelec SA first acquires tumbling machines and then in 1984, since the demand was growing and diversifying, a large production equipment is installed to coat cardiac stimulators.

1984 is also the year when plasma equipment is integrated in house to perform Parylene ablation on some areas of the components.

In the 1986-87 the business is expending to other European countries, with various application. Comelec starts developing its own masking techniques.

1987: Mr. Wilfred Zutter, son of Mr. Eric Zutter enters the company to support the production and the technical aspect of the machinery and tooling. During the following years, he will also manage the equipment manufacturing that was, at that time, outsourced.

1988: Moving in the current building, together with our sister company Incabloc SA, expert in manufacturing Shock absorbers for mechanical watches.

Beginning of the 1990’s, complementary to the Parylene coating service, Comelec starts to produce its own Parylene equipment. The first one is sold in France for aerospace applications. Comelec further develops its know-how and machinery for future applications during the 90’s.

1992: Mr. Wilfred Zutter replaces his father as operational director of the firm and in 2003 buys back his father’s shares and becomes owner of Comelec.

From the early 2000’s: integration of a dedicated R&D team to further develop and understand fundamental of chemical and physical phenomena linked to Parylene. From then on, a number of European (Eurostars, ECSEL JU) and Swiss projects (CTI/Innosuisse) are initiated with key academic partners.

2010: certification ISO 9001 obtained and start of European project PARYLENS

2011: start of R&D into multilayer technology through a CTI project in collaboration with Codman Sàrl and HE Arc, where Comelec coating machines were installed to investigate new conformal layer packaging for smart neurosurgical implants.

From 2015: consolidation of Multilayer technology through internal development and dedicated projects (Informed, Position, Relieve).

In parallel, the range of applications for Parylene is expanded with complex aerospace projects such as Solar Orbitar, JUICE Project (Jupiter ICy moons Explorer), Mars 2020 in which Comelec provides expertise and know-how.

2019: Certification for aerospace EN 9100 obtained and first hybrid coating equipment for Parylene-based multilayer coatings installed at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.


Our company is accredited under the following certifications:

ISO 9001: Quality Management System
AS/EN 9100: Aerospace Quality Management System
EDS Control Program: Applied in all electronics area