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Thanks to its broad experience, Comelec offers high-precision and high-quality service on a wide range of applications

Parylene Coating Services

With a robust and diversified machine park, Comelec provides coating services ranging from the preparation of components (masking and cleaning steps, surface activation), and optimized coating processes to specific post treatments (demasking, plasma etching, quality control).

Comelec has various standard and tumbling coating reactors at its disposal. This allows us to meet client requirements for feasibility studies or for large-scale production.

All parameters and operations are recorded for each process step to ensure complete traceability in line with our quality management system.

Thanks to its vast experience, Comelec’s qualified staff offers a high-precision and high-quality service on a wide range of products and applications.

Based on your needs, several types of Parylene are available, ranging from the simplest chemical structure to fluorinated Parylene resistant to high temperatures.

Masking / demasking

Comelec masking/demasking

Masking / demasking is a key activity for Parylene-based coatings.

Comelec will define the most appropriate technique for each specific component to ensure quality and optimal results.

A dedicated and qualified team performs either manual handling or designs the special tools required. Comelec masters most technologies allowing the removal of Parylene using chemical or physical means.

These steps are performed in an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe environment under laminar flow to avoid particle contamination.


Masking / Demasking process

Surface engineering

To obtain optimal adhesion properties of the coatings, Parylene deposition is almost always coupled with adapted surface preparation. Comelec offers a large range of process possibilities to optimize each single application from cleaning, adhesion pretreatment and plasma technology.

Comelec Surface Engineering