From concept to on-site production, Comelec guides its customers through their entire process of product lifecycle and equipment implementation.

A comprehensive understanding of customer challenges is key to provide an adapted support. From the first steps, Comelec’s team attentively listens to our customer needs, enabling high responsiveness, flexibility and mutual trust.

Comelec prototyping


In the first step, prove of concept is performed to validate with the client if parylene-based coating is a solution. In parallel, some standard processes are evaluated to target the most suitable coating for the specific application.

Comelec Process development and optimization

Process development and optimization

After a successful prototyping phase, the process will be further developed and optimization with the aim to realise a larger production.

Comelec Technology transfer

Technology transfer

If customers wish to integrate in house parylene-based solutions, Comelec will ensure a complete technology transfer to the customer’s site: installing the equipment, training the people with the developed process and transferring the know-how and support for maintenance.


During the entire lifetime of the equipment, Comelec offers support to its customer through rapid phone assistance by our professional team and after sales service based on maintenance contracts or on customer requests.

Worldwide maintenance can be entrusted to our local representatives.

Comelec turnkey solutions